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First Stick Chair

I had been wanting to build a stick chair for some time now and finally got around to it. The seat and comb (headrest) are Cherry and the legs, sticks and armbow are in Ash.

Naomi’s Bed Frame: Part 4

“Odd Bits and Finishing”

When I think of “Odd Bits” I usually think of the Metzgete in Switzerland, which is a short time in the Autumn where they specifically serve all the parts of the pig that aren’t considered “fine cuts”. Something I look forward to…… But that’s not why we’re here :-). There remain some last bits of construction on the bed before the end game of surface prep and oil/wax.

Naomi’s Bed Frame: Part 3

Frame and Panels

Minus the pyramid shape on the top rail, this is a decent representation of what I’m after for the frame and panels. And the wood won’t be so dark…..

Naomi’s Bed Frame: Part 2

“Nice Joint Mister……”

Okay, so it won’t be this pretty (or maybe it will?), but I hope to do a passable job. All the joints of a wooden bed frame are important, but the one that connects the side rails to the front and rear legs must be strong. And in this case strong, simple and reliable.

Naomi’s Bed Frame, Part 1

To date, I’ve only built substantial furniture pieces for my two sons; part of the reason was necessity. When Bruce moved into an apartment with friends and not a single one of them had anything to eat dinner on, I built him a Trestle Table. In 2020, my son Alan was being shipped by the Army back stateside and if I was going to build anything, it had to be done in time for the movers, so he got a Coffee Table, matching End Tables, and a Blanket Chest. And now……

Liquor Cabinet Part 9: Time to Finish This up!

The client is returning soon from a golf vacation and I’ve promised to have this cabinet ready!

Not to mention the fact that I will soon be helping Monika with this years’ “Advent Fenster” for the Retirement Home. This is basically a village-wide Advent Calendar where different homes or establishments decorate a window, one for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Big Do-ins and a lot of work so I better finish up on this cabinet.

Liquor Cabinet Part 8: Carcase Assembly, Drawer and Door Fitting

This particular cabinet will be a bit complicated to glue-up. Oh, to have extra hands for the assembly like Shiva. But I would be depressed when I had to destroy the universe at the end of the current cycle (don’t worry, we’ve probably got another 100 years…..).

Liquor Cabinet Part 7: Preppin’ and Dyin’

Or is it death by prep? Okay, the really fun part of the project is mostly done but unlike the majority of the pieces I build (that only get oil and wax), this one is getting dye, stain, oil and wax. Yes, dye and stain…..

Liquor Cabinet Part 6: Training a New Apprentice (Oh, and Making Doors)

It’s nice to have some extra help around the shop, but he’s so excited to start working that I’m glad that my floor is covered with sawdust and shavings 🙂 .

Liquor Cabinet Part 5: Bottle Dividers and Drawer

The actual construction phase is nearly done but so far, none of the major parts have had glue applied. This was a good decision as it was necessary for me to insert and remove web-frame parts a number of times to get the fits just right, especially for the dividers, which I had some slight difficulty with. For any professional woodworkers reading this post (why would you be? 🙂 ), I’m sure you’ll have a chuckle, but at the time it sure seemed like a straightforward process…..

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