I had been wanting to build a stick chair for some time now and finally got around to it. The seat and comb (headrest) are Cherry and the legs, sticks and armbow are in Ash.

The inspiration is from the Staked Armchair chapter of Chris Schwarz’s the Anarchist’s Design Book. The build techniques used are similar to those described in my Staked Stool post.

While the stool had stretchers and a flat seat, this chair has no stretchers and a lightly “saddled” seat. I had a good time with my adze, scorp and curved scraper while carving the saddle and am fairly pleased with the result.

Above is the finished chair with 2 coats of a wiping varnish applied. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but on the inside of each arm (the red arrows), I carved out a gentle slope so that it would be more comfortable for someone reading a book.

It looks like a very relaxed backrest angle however, this chair’s geometry is also good for sitting at a dining table or desk.

The saddling is light; not more than 3/8” (9.5mm) deep.

In its new home 🙂