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This website and blog have been created to share my experiences with family and friends and anyone else that might benefit from reading about some of my projects. I am also attempting to learn something about web-design so you might find the style and layout of my pages changing from time to time.  For the Home page, I am using Dreamweaver as my WYSIWYG html editor.  I know a little bit about coding however, I don’t want to get into the weeds of programming.  This Blog page is a WordPress theme called “Lovecraft” (after H.P. Lovecraft) and I will eventually be customizing it as a “child-theme”. Enjoy!


  1. Marc

    Hey Uncle Steve! What a freakin awesome website/blog. Hilarious too!
    Keep me in the emailing list. I want to be in the loop! And learn about stuff.

    • Steve Bissell

      You got it Marc! And don’t be afraid to leave criticism or suggestions for improvement.

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