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E-Bike Conversion Part 4: Feedback on Performance

So the bike has been in operation for a little over a week. Monika has taken it to work 4 or 5 times and I have tested it quite a bit myself. We are both very pleased so far.  Here are some details:

E-Bike Conversion Part 3: Installation

Woohoo! Time to start installing this bright, shiny (OK, black), new kit!

E-Bike Conversion Part 2: Shipping and Bike Prep

These bad boys are getting mounted to my wife´s bicycle, if I can get them here….

Getting everything to Switzerland was the next challenge. I could have shipped the motor kit and battery directly to my house but that would have cost about $260 in shipping and $330 in import duties.  As luck would have it, my son in the Army had just received orders to Stuttgart, Germany….

And Now, For Something Completely Different: Gearing Up To Build An E-Bike, Part 1

While some of the wood for the sewing table acclimates to my garage, I turn my efforts to another project.  We live on the outskirts of Dallenwil, about 2 km up the mountain towards Wirzweli.  The road is very steep and while I can get to work by bicycle in about 15 minutes, it takes about 30 minutes to get home again.  When it comes to bicycles, Monika has a very simple attitude toward steep hills; they make her angry.

While I consider the hill a workout opportunity, I can understand my wife’s perspective. If she didn’t have to think of muscling up that hill at the end of every trip, she would ride the bike more often. Hence, my Christmas present to her this year: a promise to convert her bike to an electric one.  It is time to keep that promise…..

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