Small Display Cabinet Part 3: Rabbets and Dados and Panels, Oh My!

So at first I thought I would build the back of the cabinet, which will be a frame and panel, as the next step. However, even though I started with a picture as an initial guide, I’m trying to be as visual as I can during this process. I’ve learned from previous projects that something I build, even though it’s from a drawing or plan, may not look just right when it’s actually built (no offense to previous designers).

Small Display Cabinet Part 2: Doweling the Sides

First, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope your holidays were as nice as mine. Lots of family and lots of good food and drink! And, after all the cake and cookies, I’m craving vegetables…….

I had a few days to putter around my garage and made some progress on the wall cabinets. I’ve cut the sides and top/bottoms to a tad over finished dimensions so I can now get a look at the final proportions.

Small Display Cabinet Part 1: Design

A simple, yet elegant wall cabinet. 

So I wanted to build something nice for a family member and thought it would be different to tackle a project that wouldn’t take me 10 months to finish like the Sewing Center (I still have a day job…..) and I came across this small wall display cabinet:

Sewing Center Part 15: Finishing!

The Finish Line (Pun Intended)

I’m a happy guy. Why? ‘Cus I’ve got a happy wife :-).

This is the end-game and of course my most disliked part of any project is the last part: sanding and finishing.

Sewing Center Part 14: Final Tweaks and Door Hardware

The penultimate chapter, can you see the light?!!

Hi everybody! It’s been a while since my last post as I have been on business travel and not had a chance to do much woodworking for a while 🙁 . I have returned from a certain Middle Eastern country and since I didn’t say anything bad about the ruling party I still retain my freedom (if not my principles; hey, we all gotta pay the mortgage).

Sewing Center Part 13: Leaf Hinges and Lift

Nearly there, I can almost taste it!

Yeah, it tastes like furniture 🙂 .

Last week we had just finished installing breadboard ends on both top panels. Now we’ll look to mounting and hinging the panels. Before going further however, I’d like to position and mount the lower panel to the carcass.

Sewing Center Part 12: The Tops

Table tops….. (cats like them too)

So we’re approaching the end-game: table tops, door hardware, and sewing machine lift. I might get this done before Christmas 🙂 . In the early days of my woodworking, I was always a bit intimidated by gluing-up large panels but I learned that if you follow a straightforward process and prepare the stock properly, good results can often be obtained.

Do-It-Yourself…. Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch (or is it?), but there are good reasons to adopt a more independent lifestyle, notwithstanding the zombies.

Sewing Center Part 11: Mounting Doors

Mounting doors, a little easier than horses……


Mounting the doors is going to take a little bit of careful preparation. Not only is this a critical step (for me) but I’ll be cutting a shallow rabbet in each of the doors and I want to be absolutely sure everything is going to come out right before I do that.

Sewing Center: Part 10, De Feet

Feats Don’t Fail Me Now!

Hobbits aren’t the only ones who need supportive feet…..

The thought of carefully carving intricate ball and claw feet in the style of Chippendale makes me want to drink hard liquor, so I’ll stick to the simple, yet very strong foot design in the original plan.

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