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Sewing Center Part 9: Drawers continued, a Square Peg in a Square Hole

Who thought that the drawers would be the most complicated part of this cabinet? Complicated yes, but difficult, not so (except for the dovetails). Drawers go together with a straightforward, step by step process that is at times painstaking, but without the hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing that one might expect (except for the dovetails).

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DIY Series: I-Phone Repair

Oh gosh, it’s so small and full of electronics, I just can’t fix it!

A short post, however, after fixing my wife’s I-Phone 6, I thought that it deserved an honorable mention 🙂 .

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Sewing Center Part 8: Drawers (Don’t Drop ‘Em!!)

“Oh Boy, drawers, my favorite part!” (said nobody, ever….)

Okay, drawers are not so bad, it’s the dovetails that continue to trip me up and typically, a drawer is one of the components of furniture that almost always benefits from dovetails.

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DIY Series: Sheds


…..are amazing.

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing quite so awesome as building a shed for the aspiring DIY’er. With just a few tools and some cheap lumber from the BOBS (big orange box store) you can build something that, in a very short time, will give you an amazing sense of accomplishment and just be so incredibly useful for as long as you own your house. If you rent, you can talk to the landlord about trading rent $$ for your time and materials.

This one’s for Brian…….

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Sewing Center Part 7: Putting Together the Case

“When is it going to start looking like furniture?”

Kind of like framing a house, this is an exciting part of the build process for me, when “whatever it is” begins to look like “what it’s supposed to be”. Too bad we don’t have our faithful companion Luna to help, she always offered a comforting “bark” when I hit my thumb with a hammer…. (I realize now that they have been seriously over-bred, but honestly, I never met a Labrador I didn’t like!).

And now: back to our regularly scheduled furniture.

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Sewing Center Part 6: Frame and Panel Glue-Up; Sweat and Tears, but No Blood…

Phew! I think we’re ready to take the plunge…..

So with the major cutting complete on all the parts of the frame and panels, it is worthwhile to take a moment and consider some final actions that make sense to complete before we go past the point of no return (glue).

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Do-It-Yourself…. Why Bother?

Or: Hobbies that lead to practical skills

Or: Thoughts on American Anarchism

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Sewing Center Part 5: Groovin’

Gotta get my Groovethang on….

(Groovethang is actually a reference to a cover band out of St. Louis that does a great Steely Dan set. Quite good if you like SD).

Now that all the mortise and tenon joints are finished (Phew!), it’s time to cut the grooves that will hold the panels.

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Sewing Center Part 4: Frame Joinery

Now that the panels are finished (but not yet cut to width and length), I start on the frames. As mentioned previously, the stile is the vertical member of the frame and the rail is the horizontal member……..

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Sewing Center Part 3: Resawing and Panel Glue-Up

Now that the e-bike conversion is finished, and I’ve replaced the brake discs and pads on our car, it’s time to get back to Monika’s sewing center. The pieces I cut weeks ago for the rails and stiles are ready to be milled to final dimensions but before I start that, I want to have all the center panels re-sawn so they can “acclimate”.

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