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Sewing Center Part 5: Groovin’

Gotta get my Groovethang on….

(Groovethang is actually a reference to a cover band out of St. Louis that does a great Steely Dan set. Quite good if you like SD).

Now that all the mortise and tenon joints are finished (Phew!), it’s time to cut the grooves that will hold the panels.

Sewing Center Part 4: Frame Joinery

Now that the panels are finished (but not yet cut to width and length), I start on the frames. As mentioned previously, the stile is the vertical member of the frame and the rail is the horizontal member……..

Sewing Center Part 3: Resawing and Panel Glue-Up

Now that the e-bike conversion is finished, and I’ve replaced the brake discs and pads on our car, it’s time to get back to Monika’s sewing center. The pieces I cut weeks ago for the rails and stiles are ready to be milled to final dimensions but before I start that, I want to have all the center panels re-sawn so they can “acclimate”.

Sewing Center Part 2 – Wood Preparation, First Rough Cut

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This project will begin with a visit to our secondary garage in Wolfensschiesen, just up the road from where we live in Dallenwil.  Even though we have a double garage (Swiss standard, which is equivalent to a single garage in the U.S.), it made sense to rent another one due to the fact that I was given a lot of nice wood from a friend of the family, not to mention storing our tandem bicycle, tandem kayak, snow tires, etc. (who parks a car in a garage anyway?).

Sewing Center Part 1 – Planning and Design

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As my wife loves to sew, and has been forced to use the dining room table for decades, I decided it was time build her a suitable sewing table/cabinet for her birthday this year. Knowing myself and my habits, and in order to complete the project by late May, I started planning it in September the previous year :-). It’s not that I’m so slow (I am), it’s just that I have this thing that keeps me occupied at least 40 hours a week. I’ve hinted to Pilatus that I would like to take a year off with pay in order to catch up on my projects but they haven’t responded yet…..

Introduction to the Sewing Center

Over the years of self-taught woodworking, I credit most of my knowledge to books by Tage Frid, James Krenov and Sam Maloof to name just a few however, a good portion of what I’ve learned was gleaned from the internet in the form of articles, forums, videos and, particularly for specific projects, blogs. Some of the most helpful blogs were chronological, detailed descriptions of the process of building various pieces of furniture.

While the best blogs for my own purposes are the ones with the most particulars about woodworking, I thought it might be fun to document a build of my own with the main audience being family and friends but also budding woodworkers interested in an overview. I’ve tried not to get too technical but did want the reader to come away with a good idea of what is involved in the creation of a piece of solid wood furniture. 

I have had a lot of inspiration over the years from my wife Monika who fills the big gap in the right side of my brain (the creative side). In fact, a lot of my projects begin with the question to her: “How should this look?” followed by me figuring out how to put it together. So much for form follows function. 🙂

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